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5 Quick Weight Loss and Stress Tips for the Ultimate Confidence Boost

Do you want to know a not-so-well-kept secret? Looking good, perhaps with some quick weight loss, goes a long way toward helping you feel good when you’re in the spotlight. That’s right: how you perceive yourself has an effect on how others perceive you. And when you feel confident, you can perform your best without stress or worry.

Read on for some easy and foolproof ways to look and feel your best and have the confidence and charisma you need to rock that spotlight!

1. Regulate Your Breathing

Steadying and deepening your breathing pattern is actually an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety, according to Neurological Sciences So when you feel overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths into your lower belly and exhale through your nose. Suddenly, being in the spotlight isn’t so daunting, is it? That’s because when you’re relaxed, you’re ready to take on the world.

2. Practice Good Posture

If you want to trick your brain into feeling more confident, stand tall. Research published in Health Psychology indicates that posture is linked to mood, and by standing up straighter, we feel taller and more important as a person. Don’t believe it? Try slouching and see how it makes you feel. (Not confident, right?) Now sit or stand tall, and see if it makes you feel happier and much more in control. Plus, when your posture is good, you look good.

3. Build Your Self-Esteem

Sometimes when you look in the mirror, you just don’t like how you look. Your low self-esteem could be expressed in your body language when eyes are on you, so take steps to build up confidence in yourself. A study by Frontiers in Psychology actually suggests that performing basic yoga poses can increase your energy and boost your self-esteem, even more so than power poses.

Sometimes though, it takes an extra push to build your self-esteem. You may have some stubborn fat on your tummy or thighs that can make you want to run away from—not toward—the spotlight. In these cases, SculpSure® can put you back into the spotlight by safely destroying the fat cells in your problem areas. This FDA-cleared, noninvasive device is also approved for use on your love handles, muffin top, saddlebags, and bra fat.

Whatever part of your body causes you anguish, SculpSure can probably help squash that feeling. It’s nonsurgical and typically only takes two sessions to start seeing results, so you don’t need to worry about extra downtime or discomfort ruining your confidence.

4. Dress Comfortably

And the more comfortable you feel in your body and how you look, the more your entire ensemble will shine. You might want to wear your favorite sleek pencil skirt and sexy stilettos, but if they squeeze you in the wrong places, it will show on your face. Opt for clothes you know fit you well (read: not too tight or awkwardly baggy), and forego any distracting accessories, like noisy bracelets. If you’re uncomfortable or distracted by what you’re wearing, the people around you will notice.

5. Smile

This might be the last thing you feel like doing, but it works its magic in many ways. Smiling sends lots of feel-good chemicals, like dopamine, coursing through your body. So even if you don’t feel like smiling, turning up the corners of your mouth quickly makes you feel good enough to smile!

These chemicals, in turn, go to work to reduce stress and increase happiness. Smiling can also make you more attractive to others. One study published in Medical Education found that people who smiled were the ones considered better looking and more trustworthy than those who had a neutral look.

If you’re worried about your double chin when you smile, SculpSure® is now available for use on your submental area too. These short procedures (25 minutes each) can help define your jawline in just six to twelve weeks. After that, you’ll want to show your pearly whites to everyone.

It’s amazing what some quick body shaping and stress reduction can do for your confidence. If you shun the spotlight, you may benefit from these tips on looking and feeling your best when all eyes are on you. Being the center of attention should make you feel confident and beautiful, not shy!

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. SculpSure is intended for non-invasive fat reduction for the submental (under the chin) area, abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, and outer thighs. SculpSure is not a weight loss solution or for people who are obese.