Skin Revitalization

We offer a variety of technologies from more gentle treatments to enhance your glow, to more aggressive treatments to banish fine lines and wrinkles.

Glow like never before

Before & After Photos

Before and After 1 TempSure Envi Treatment

Courtesy of J. Khalil, MD

Before & After 3 TempSure Envi Treatments

Courtesy of R. Saluja, MD

Before & After 4 PicoSure Treatments

Courtesy of L. Espinoza, MD

Before and After 2 Icon Treatments

Courtesy of M. Addano, MD

Before and After 3 Potenza Treatments

Courtesy of J.H. Yoon, MD, Korea Yonseifams Clinic

Before and After 1 SmartSkin Treatment

Courtesy of D. Sarnof, MD

Before and After 1 SmartSkin+ Treatment

Courtesy of S.B. Aguilera

TempSure® Envi

This approach uses gentle heat to trigger your skin’s natural processes and produce new collagen. The results? Smoother, more radiant skin.


Using gentle pressure waves, the PicoSure laser activates cell signaling to communicate with your skin and generate a refreshed appearance. And there’s virtually no downtime.


This light-based approach uses pulses that target pigmentation and noticeable vessels causing them to disappear through your body’s natural healing process.


No topical or filler can stimulate collagen and elastin like Potenza RF microneedling. Through soft-tissue coagulation, this treatment addresses advanced signs of aging for a smoother more radiant complexion.


In a short, in-office procedure, we can improve the appearance of pores and improve both the tone and texture of your skin, giving you a more refreshed look.


Is this treatment right for me?

We have different treatments to help revitalize your skin, including radiofrequency, radiofrequency microneedling, and lasers. Depending on your skin type and other factors, one may be more effective for you. Speak with one of our providers to determine the best course of treatment for you.

How long are the treatments?

Treatment times vary depending on treatment type, area of body being treated, and patient. Most treatments can be performed in 10-45 minutes.

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