RevLite® SI

RevLite treatments remedy everything from pigmented lesions to fine lines and wrinkles, and colorful tattoos.

The Revlite device is the versatile gold standard nanosecond aesthetic laser, with multiple applications, including tattoo removal, acne scar treatment, wrinkle reduction, removal of stubborn fine hair and elimination of pigmented lesions. The Revlite device produces very rapid, short-duration pulses of energy with specific targets, limiting healthy tissue’s exposure to thermal damage. Improve the look of your skin and achieve a more youthful appearance by removing pigment or treating wrinkles and acne scars with Revlite treatments.


Tattoo Removal

Before and After 6 Treatments

Courtesy of Drs. Anderson & Kilme

Skin Renewal

Before and After 5 Treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Tu


How does it work?

Laser energy is gently applied to the skin over the tattooed area. The laser shatters each ink particle into much smaller particles that can be eliminated through your body’s natural process. Through a series of treatments, the tattoo will fade and ultimately disappear.

How long are treatments?

Treating an average-sized tattoo typically takes between 5-30 minutes. Treatment plans can be adjusted to fit everyone’s lifestyle – speak to your provider regarding desired downtime, comfort, and results.

How many treatments will I need?

A series of treatments is typically recommended. The number of treatments needed is dependent on variables such as ink type, size of the tattoo, location on the body, lifestyle habits, etc. Work with your provider to come up with a plan that’s right for you!

What kinds of results can I expect?

You may notice an immediate fading. Generally tattoo removal will take place in a series of treatments.